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Chris Hoffman

Consultant, Ecopsychologist, Poet

For a world that is ecologically sustainable, socially just, and spiritually fulfilling for all beings.

"In ancient Ireland there was a saying, 'Three equals: a king, a harper, and a poet.'  The poet had been trained to step in a crucial times of difficulty and through extemporaneous speech bring a sense and clarity to the confusion of the moment, and through that give the people some sense of their beckoning collective future." (David Whyte, The Heart Aroused.)  Bringing sense and clarity is also the work of the consultant.

Whole Systems Consulting

Chris Hoffman consults on the interpersonal aspects of doing business: making boards and teams more effective, building alignment for positive change, resolving difficult issues, and coaching leaders for success. He specializes in organizations working for a sustainable and thriving future. For more details, click here.

Recent clients include:

    Alliance for Sustainable Colorado

    Boulder Institute for Psychotherapy and Research

    Collaborative Action


BOOKS: Poetry & Ecopsychology

Recently Released Limited-Edition Chapbook:

Sketches from a Pilgrimage 

(El Camino de Santiago)

Available for FREE download here.

Bound version, hard copy, available for $6 postpaid from: 

Chris Hoffman

1280 Fairfield Drive

Boulder, CO 80305. 


bullet Realization Point (poetry)
bulletCairns (poetry)
bulletThe Hoop and the Tree (ecopsychology)
bulletOther publications & videos


About Ecopsychology

Ecopsychology holds that a person cannot be sane or whole without a respectful, reciprocal relationship with the Earth and all its beings.  Ecopsychology involves both:


The skillful application of ecological insight to the practice of psychotherapy


The skillful application of psychological insight to the issues of ecological restoration and sustainability

Three Behaviors That Can Save Us: The Social Psychology of Planetary Survival - A white paper


Full version (76 pages, many graphics)


Op-Ed version (short - 2 pages)


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Chris Hoffman

Boulder, CO USA

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