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The Hoop & The Tree

Integrating psychology, spirituality, mythology, ecology, and native wisdom, The Hoop & the Tree reveals the deep structure of psychological and spiritual wholeness that helps us lead lives of balance and fulfillment.

“Therapeutic, enlightening, and a joy to read”
The Bloomsbury Review


NOTE: The twentieth-anniversary edition of this popular book, revised and expanded, will be available in early 2021.

Meanwhile, copies of the original edition are available by contacting the the author ($20) or from Amazon.

Ecopsychology is both the skillful application of ecological insight to the practice of psychotherapy and the skillful application of psychological insight to the development of ecological sustainability. It is based on the understanding that a person or society cannot be sane or whole without a respectful, reciprocal relationship with the Earth and all its beings.

Our future depends on making choices so that all beings can flourish within the carrying capacity of the earth, now and forever.
Key choices:
• Choose prosperity rather than growth
• Increase social equity 
• Reduce environmental footprint 
• Restore and maintain ecosystems


On the Way

“Chris Hoffman voices an essential message for our time and he does so in a profound and beautiful way.”

– John Brierley author of the Camino Guides: Practical and Mystical Manuals for the Modern Day Pilgrim

Realization Point

“A rich volume of poetry about life's flourishing.”

– Roshi Joan Halifax



“The kind of joy bears would want if they were human.”

– Evan Hodkins, Director of the School of Alchemy

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